Essence de beaute




If you’re anything like me, you love your hair and skin but hate all the products that have been the cause of its destruction. See, I recently began my journey as a vegan and it’s been a long and hard one. Not only am I trying to stay away from big juicy burgers, but I’m also learning how to convert everything in my life into Veganism. And, finding the right product that works best for you while leaving out the damaging chemicals, can be pretty tricky to find. I’ve probably used everything in the book that has been constantly advertised since I was young, from Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Fructis, VO5, Herbal Essence and even Aussie. But nothing has come close to one of my newest discoveries that I’m so excited to tell the world about.



Capturing the Essence of Beauty Through the Power of Nature 

poza_291In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I went to an event held by Essence de Beauté. It is located in Hollis, N.Y. and with my fortune it was right in my neighborhood. Because I’ve been wanting to do something to show my support for Cancer Awareness, I decided to go. I walked into the store to be greeted by big beautiful smiles and a red carpet. The event was fascinating. There was a Dj, a camera man, cup cakes, pink wine, and an interviewer walking around asking people about their favorite products. What I loved was the fact that the CEO, Keren Gonen and the Owner, Marie St. Juste were there greeting everyone with loving arms. Talk about standing by what you believe in huh? I mean, I’ve never felt so welcomed walking into a beauty shop. The aroma was magnificent and the energy was one I will always remember. It was spacious and everything I needed was sitting right on a shelf neatly stacked in perfect order just waiting for me. The first few thoughts that crossed my mind as I walked into the store was, “is everything extracted from fruits? Is it all natural? Does it really work? Am I dreaming?”. I’m sure you know the answer to every question was Yes, Yes, Yes, and, No. Of course I wasn’t dreaming, this was a real place, a place that was filled with people who have had results and who have been using this product for years. This was the perfect place to hear reviews, to speak to the owner, and to give back for a cause, this was the place I found my magic. Yet, with all the commotion going on I knew I had to calm down and just enjoy my discovery. The event was a blast and Essence de Beauté inspired me and left me assured that they were here to make a difference. Not only to your skin and hair, but to your world. It’s ecofriendly spirit and all types of people friendly nature, has given me my reason to tell the world about this wonderful project.


“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”