Essence de beaute




I know you’ve all heard great things about natural products, from the ones we consume to the ones we place onto our bodies. But what I want to focus on and discuss today is diet. As Americans we are surrounded by businesses that are constantly trying to sell us, and although every businesses intent isn’t horrible, there are businesses that tend to only benefit themselves. My goal is to help show people that being healthy is something that anyone can do. It just takes a lot of sacrificing and self-will. Now I know you’d rather stay in and order greasy food from the restaurant down the block, just to enjoy your relaxing friday night, but how about ordering steamed vegetables instead? See, we always have options even when we think we don’t, and the fact that people think being healthy is so much more expensive, is what turns them off from having a clean healthy life style. How many people would rather spend $0.99 cents for a salad than $7.99? Uh, hello? I would, yet that’s not reality. We can order 7 cheeseburgers for the price of $7.99 and feed about 7 small mouths. Now as ideal as that may sound, why do it? Why buy the 7 $0.99 cent cheeseburgers instead of finding a healthy solution? I mean you can go into $0.79 cents. That comes up to a total of $5.28 + tax. Now I understand if salad isn’t really your thing, but is your life, and the life of people around you your thing? Granted, we all have lives and limited time, but do we not have enough time to stop and acknowledge that what we’re feeding our children and ourselves are actually causing us so much pain and suffering mentally and physically?



See, we’re all old enough to know that food doesn’t only help satisfy our hunger but it also helps develop the brain. Food can be seen as a source of information for our bodies, it helps improve our mood, combats disease, builds memory, boasts energy and helps keep our weight under control. As stated before, my goal is to help show people that being healthy is something that anyone can do and It’s all about making choices and finding the time to make the change. The change starts with you.


-Kyana Zeigler


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”