Essence de beaute


About Us




Our Mission is to promote total awareness of all that life has to offer while providing superior

accessible skin care that bio-targets 
the skin types and lifestyle needs of all.

Marie use to have a lot of problems with her skin, she went to many different dermatologists, and none of them could help her until she found her own result and she has decided to share it with others.

In 1994, Marie, with $500 and a dream, founded the company in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. Inspired by her interest in beauty, she created her own line of skin care products, all formulated with pure, natural, biodegradable ingredients.

Marie (Rosy) married her new ideas with the best features of traditional cosmetic departments now, over fifteen years later; Marie's original inspiration continues to guide Essence de Beauté Company. She is committed to quality, value, service and innovation all with healthy skin and a healthy planet in mind. As the demand for natural products has flourished, the business has grown.

Essence de Beauté offers its retail concept and extraordinary products to entrepreneurs who wish to express creativity and good business sense with their signature image on, skin and hair care line. Our products are sold in diverse locations--from free standing boutiques focused on the Essence de Beauté concept within existing stores and spas.

Essence de Beauté believes in knowledge, honesty, and results. We use pure spring water, natural essential oils fruit and plant extract; powerful anti-oxidant vitamin. Our products utilize the best natural ingredients in quantities that are required to produce result. You can also be assured that all our formulations are produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety, and with no animal testing.

Our easy to follow daily regimens coupled with our facial and spa treatments improve the appearance of your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles; hydrating dry skin while controlling breakouts of oily skin. The results are evident from week one and the improvement of your skin appearance increases daily with continue use.

Some new areas that we are working in include Make-Up and baby skin care line. These new lines are already in development and are planned to be launched within the next one to three years.

We are famous for our signature product line created by Marie alias Rosy and her family in the 90s. Beautify the Beautiful - Feel well, confident and comfortable in your own beautiful skin!